About us: 

    If a picture is worth "a thousand words", Just imagine what a video could do. We are in a time where social media is growing rapidly, and more people are now incorporating videography and social media marketing to establish their  business. At Skyfie Productions, our motto is our passion- to capture unbelievable cinematography.  It is our goal to create beautiful and unique video content for businesses around the world that people will remember us for.  


Meet Skyfie


Meet skyfie

Owner & Producer

“ I want to create something unforgettable that I can share with the world.”

   What started off as a one man’s dream to create something different turned into something so much more. Skyfie, owner of Skyfie Productions L.L.C started his company with one main concept and mission in mind- to capture memorable stories by video. Born in Honduras and raised in sunny Florida, Skyfie purchased his first drone in 2014 with dreams of creating drone cinematography. Since then,  Skyfie Productions has grown into a team of passionate artists’ who create amazing drone and video cinematography for businesses around the world. Skyfie shares his love of videography through his work, which is then shared with every client and every project that we acquire. 



Why Skyfieproductions ?

   We are a team of videographers that create cinematic aerial videography and 4k photography content for your special occasion. We thrive to step out of the ordinary- by allowing our artists to be 100% creative and imaginative. Our team is passionate in bringing out the best image in every shot, from the beginning stages of filming to the final touches in editing.  It is our goal to capture your story from a new perspective by using the most up to date videography equipment in the industry. We believe that precision, accuracy, and detail are very well the means of a perfect shot.


100% Satisfaction

   We pride ourselves in customer service and satisfaction, and will work with you capture your image with the best production possible. We offer affordable video production and services that can be customized based on your personal budget and needs.




Are you ready to create your story?

We would love to hear your ideas, comments and questions and are will respond as soon as we can.